2012 Orlando FWA Business Giveaway – Recipients

Nancy Quatrano – Editing services

1. Patricia Charpentier

2. Jeanie Morales

3. Ann Meier

Tom Wallace – One-hour consultation in any area of my business

1. Jackie Chase

2. Markelle Alexander

Eugene Orlando – full writing analysis of the first three chapters of a fiction novel

1. Fred Jaskowski

2. Jeanne Farmer

3. Pam Gillmore

Fran Keiser & Jane Wood – Book Savvy Consulting

1. Gordon Ralph

Jennifer Gregory – three Book editing (1st chapter or 30 pages) & consulting packages

1. Jessica Baker

2. Teresa Bruce

3. Molly-Rose Miller

Doris Bloodsworth – press release

1. Jeanie Morales

Jamie Morris – two 1-hour writing consultations

1. Lance Stouffer

2. Bruce Kubec

Marsha Butler – four 1-hour edits or editing consultations

1. Trudy McNair

2. Patricia Charpentier

3. Gene McKay

4. Jackie Chase

Patricia Charpentier – three writing workshops

1. Molly Rose Miller

2. Yvonne David

3. Gordon Ralph

Patricia Charpentier – Two – one hour writing consults

1. Pam Gillmore

2. Bruce Kubec

Tammy Gross – 50,000 words FREE proofreading OR 35,000 words FREE early draft editing 

1. Gene McKay

2. Yvonne David

Rik Feeney – three 1-hour consults on writing, marketing, publishing, or book design

1. Jessica Baker

2. Lance Stouffer

3. Pam Gillmore

Teresa Bruse – 20,000 word proofreading

1. Geoff Veit

Chris Angermann – 1 hour consult

1. Pam Gillmore

Along with the above named recipients the following individuals get free entry to the Book Marketing seminar by Rik Feeney. Date to be determined.

Vickey Cheney

Joe Rosier

Judiann Rakes

Ruth Baskerville

Clara Herrera

Michael Carlson

Doug McLaughlin

Jennifer Resetar

Claire Closson

Elaine Person

Dave Lapham

Business suppliers and recipients will be contacted by email with instructions on how to contact each other.


June 6, 2012. Announcements.

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