Orlando FWA Writer’s – 2012 Business Giveaway

Your fearless leader has FINALLY taken the bull by the horns and requested from generous local writers, editors, book coaches, and consultants several excellent writing-related giveaways for the Orlando FWA Writer’s – 2012 Business Giveaway. Tickets for this giveaway are available now. The giveaway tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.

The money raised will be used to cover the remainder of this year’s University Club fees and hopefully, completely pay next year’s fees with the University Club. If additional funds are left over they will be used to pay for lunch or dinners for guest speakers as well as small gas stipends for speakers traveling a respectable distance.

Some of the stupendous giveaways include:

2012 Business Giveaway – Orlando FWA

1-ticket = $5 or 3-tickets = $10

Nancy Quatrano – Editing services

Tom Wallace – One-hour consultation in any area of my business

Eugene Orlando – full writing analysis of the first three chapters of a fiction novel

Fran Keiser & Jane Wood – Book Savvy Consulting

Jennifer Gregory – three Book editing (1st chapter or 30 pages) & consulting packages

Sherri Cappabianca – copy of book

Doris Bloodsworth – press release

Jamie Morris – two 1-hour writing consultations

Rik Feeney – three 1-hour consults on writing, marketing, or publishing

and more to come!

Special Note: Everyone who gets a $5.00 ticket will earn a FREE ENTRY into the Audience Choice Seminar. When the giveaway is over we will poll the entrants for a seminar topic – the most popular topic will become a seminar hosted by Rik Feeney. That means everyone who enters this giveaway will definitely get something of value.

P.S. You can also enter online via Paypal by sending your payment to coachrik@aol.com. Please include your email and phone number and the words “2012 Giveaway”, or send a check to Rik Feeney, PO Box 162115, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716. Make the check payable to Florida Writer’s Association. Thank you!


May 1, 2012. Announcements.

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