This Wednesday: Book Marketing Tricks

No, not a Halloween kind of trick, but little-known and innovative tricks that will help you stop pushing your book and start attracting buyers.

What do TV ads, telemarketers, and most authors have in common? They interrupt what potential buyers are doing and try to sell them something. But, how do you—or should you—follow those tactics? Pulitzer-nominated writer Doris Bloodsworth will answer that question this-coming Wednesday during the November meeting of the Orlando Area Writers Group, Florida Writers Association.

While talking, Doris will share the book marketing techniques that helped her pre-sell hundreds of copies of her first book (Groveland, from the Images of America Series) before it was released and the methods she used to make that book the one book an entire city was reading this summer. Along that journey, we’ll discover the difference between “push” and “pull” marketing, and we’ll learn how social media fits into the marketing mix, how to recognize and create affinity groups, and how to attract media coverage. In the end, you’ll discover how to have fun marketing your book with strategies that will have people clamoring for copies!

So, don’t miss that meeting! It takes place at the University Club of Winter Park from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, and, as always, is free and open to the public. The University Club is located at 841 Park Avenue North, on the northwest corner of Park and Webster Avenue.

For additional information, visit the group blog at or contact Rik Feeney, group leader— or 407-862-5037.


October 30, 2009. Meetings Information.

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