Using LinkedIn to promote your products and services

Writers need to manage their professional careers just like bankers do. And one of the social networking tools most often used by professionals is LinkedIn. Join us at the next meeting of the Orlando Area Writers Group (Florida Writers Association) to learn how to use LinkedIn to expand your writing career. That meeting will take place this coming Wednesday, March 4, 2009, with member and occasional speaker Christophe Couallier presenting information and demonstrating with a live connection.

Remember, just for this month, use the “invisible” door on the north side of the library—to the left and around the corner from our usual entrance. Another group is using the main hall and has asked not to be disturbed. If the door is closed, just knock and someone will let you in. Thank you for cooperating.

Most creative professionals use MySpace and/or Facebook to promote their talents and products. However, LinkedIn can have just as much or more value, especially on the business side of writing—where networking, branding, and research enter the picture—and it is more customizable and “respectable.”

Because the LinkedIn community is made up largely of professionals and business executives, you’ll find individuals and groups with higher ethical standards, greater interest in helping others, and better reputations, with less abuse, than some other social networking sites, where your profile can be uncontrollably linked to video-obsessed kids, love-sick teens, and overexposed perverts!

As always, that Wednesday meeting will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the University Club of Winter Park, which is located at 841 Park Avenue North, on the northwest corner of Park and Webster Avenue. For additional information, visit the group blog at or contact Stephen Evans, group leader— or 407-898-4299.


February 25, 2009. Meetings Information, Member Information.

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