Welcome the new year on January 7

The next meeting of the Orlando Area Writers Group (Florida Writers Association) on January 7, 2009, will be an open forum. That’s right: any ol’ writing-related thang you want to do, ask, or talk about!

I apologize for the short notice, but with the holidays and a hectic work schedule and a shortage of available speakers, it’s been a rough month for planning. So, rather than cancel the meeting, we’ve decided to host this free-for-all forum. This will provide an excellent chance to

  • meet your fellow writers and new members,
  • learn what projects others in the group are working on,
  • share an excerpt from your latest work,
  • read a new poem, or
  • present a sample for critique.

In addition, some discussion topics we could cover include new year’s resolutions; the latest writing classes, contests, workshops, and other events in the area; or your favorite moments as a writer in 2008 or your goals for 2009. Whatever’s on your mind, we hope you’ll take time to join us.

That next meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 7, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the University Club of Winter Park. The University Club is located at 841 Park Avenue North, on the northwest corner of Park and Webster Avenue. Our meetings are free and open to the public. For additional information, visit the group blog at http://www.fwa-orlando.org or contact Stephen Evans, group leader, at ImYourEditor@hotmail.com or 407-898-4299.

In the meantime, have a wonderfully happy and safe new year celebration!


December 31, 2008. Meetings Information.

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