A “self-publishing” summary

After having discussed a variety of publishing options over the past several meetings, I’m sure you have questions about how each publishing option can relate to your projects and objectives. Join the Orlando Area Writers Group (Florida Writers Association) on October 1 as we try to work through your questions, both new and old-but-as-yet-unanswered.

This meeting will present a new format for the writers group—we will be asking for your participation. We’ll begin with a quick review of the “basic” self-publishing options (traditional, small press, and POD) that we’ve discussed and then focus discussion on the following topics:

  • Can self-publishing be used as a step in attaining a contract with traditional publishers?
  • I just want to write and sell books; which option is easiest and cheapest?
  • What’s wrong with Lulu? I’ve heard so much about them . . .

The goal of our discussion will not be to hash out what is right or wrong with the different options, but to talk about what the different options can offer and, given certain sets of circumstances, their benefits and shortcomings. Some of our past presenters and experienced members will be on hand to help out with the discussion, which will be moderated by member Christophe Couallier.

If you care to read up on the issue to help get your question-and-answer juices flowing, please check out these references:

  1. “A Successful Aftermath” by Chuck Sambuchino (see Writer’s Digest, October 2008, pp 34–38) or
  2. “Life After Self Publishing” by Chuck Sambuchino (which is largely the same article, posted online at WritersDigest.com)
  3. “Traditional or Nothing?” —a blog entry by Cheryl Pickett at The Publishing Answers Blog, which has many, many other interesting posts while you’re there
  4. perhaps the proverbial gold mine of information: Dan Poynter’s ParaPublishing.com —plan lots of time for surfing around this one!

This next meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 1, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the University Club of Winter Park. The University Club is located at 841 Park Avenue North, on the northwest corner of Park and Webster Avenue. All meetings are free and open to the public. For additional information, visit the group blog at http://www.fwa-orlando.org or contact Stephen Evans, group leader, at ImYourEditor@hotmail.com or 407-898-4299.


September 26, 2008. Meetings Information, Member Information.

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