A plea for assistance

With deep regret, I have had to accept the resignation of group co-chair Joyce Bowden. As if losing her devoted assistance and witty banter was not bad enough, her resignation also jeopardizes our ability to use the University Club of Winter Park as our meeting place. The Orlando Area Writers Group (Florida Writers Association) has been meeting rent-free at the club because Joyce is member of the club who chose to sponsor our group. Joyce has tried to find another sponsor within the UC, but no one has yet signed on, so, as of her last meeting as co-chair, which is this month (March 5) we will have to turn in our keys.

I have checked into several locations in the area, including some where the group has met in the past. Unfortunately, because of looming budget cuts, all of those places but one is now charging for space (the one is actually occupying its former meeting space because a planned renovation and expansion was cut from its budget).

As an alternative to moving, the UC has generously offered to consider the remaining group chair as a new member; the UC board has even agreed to waive that member’s application fee. For that new member, the annual dues of $275 would in effect provide us with a meeting space for less than $25 per month– a bargain when you consider that they also furnish maintenance, advertising, and support equipment, as well as free and accessible parking. In addition, I have come to learn that potential speakers are reasonably impressed and more eager to appear with our group when they hear that we meet at the UC.

The proposal that has been suggested is to solicit a one-time $10 (or more if anyone desires) contribution (without obligation) from our regular members to pay for the bulk of the annual dues; any balance will be paid by the person who becomes the member. Again, it has been suggested, with the support of the UC board, that I, as current co-chair, should most logically become the designated person to apply for membership; however, any of our regular group members could be considered.

Please think about this option and bring concerns and comments to the meeting on Wednesday. If you cannot make the meeting or would rather voice an opinion before, feel free to contact me, Stephen Evans, group leader— ImYourEditor@hotmail.com or 407-898-4299.

Thank you for your continued support.  I look forward to hearing from you.


February 29, 2008. Announcements.

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