Area author Lara Zielinsky impresses group!

At the regular group meeting on Wednesday, June 6, local author Lara Zielinsky shared a wealth of knowledge about her fresh-off-the-press book Turning Point. Lara talked about the planning and evolution of the novel, how the events of 9-11 affected her progress, and her experiences in trying to find a publisher. She also read several passages from the book, some at the request of those in attendance.

Turning Point explores the journey of two women, Brenna and Cassidy, costars on the fictional television series Time Trails. Brenna has two teenage sons and is 41—“just over the hill” by Hollywood standards. Brenna has been in show business since she was 18, working on stage, on television, and even on the big screen. Cassidy, on the other hand is relatively new to Hollywood. At 32, Cassidy came to Hollywood after majoring in literature and drama in college, doing a little modeling, and acting in a variety of small roles. They both have children and husbands—and real lives! But as the two rivals get to know each other, they discover truths within themselves they have never known before, truths that result in their hearts opening in unexpected ways.

Reviewer Lynne Sage says, “For those who feel that plots of books are often rushed to completion without good character development, this book will be a welcome change.”

Lara is a working wife and mother in Orlando. An affinity for strong female heroines in books and television led her to start writing stories online, where she wrote fan fiction for sites related to Xena: Warrior Princess and Star Trek: Voyager. Copies of Turning Point are available for purchase at

I particulary want to thank Lara for stepping in on short notice as Tom and I exchanged leadership of the group. Thank you! By the way, Lara can be contacted through her Web site,, or directly by e-mail, laraz [at] lzFiction [dot] net.


June 14, 2007. Reviews and Thanks.

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